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How to Become Popular

2008 has been a crazy year so far for me. A few new clients, lots of travel, and oh yea, I’m moving to Thailand this week. Lotsa fun and little time to blog.

Kevin NaltsExcuses aside, I planned to write about this guy Kevin Nalts (see his website or on YouTube) the next time I blogged here. He just gave me a reason to do it today. Nalts is a “self-proclaimed viral-video genius” who’s really good at creating viral videos and getting them viewed by tons of people. Some of his videos are hilarious, like Farting in Public, Googleheads (thumbs up!!), and GPS on PMS.

The reason I wrote about Nalts today, instead of a few weeks from now when I felt like it, is Nalts just published a new eBook called, “How to Become Popular on YouTube Without Any Talent.” Its a free and very informative eBook that explains how YouTube works, common pitfalls of the site, and how to get millions of people to watch your videos.

You can download the ebook here:
How to Become Popular on YouTube Without Any Talent

Oh yea, a little blog news update: Thailand blocks thousands of websites, including most of YouTube. So its possible I won’t be able to surf YouTube from Thailand. I’ll let you know how that goes..


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Ford Models on YouTube

Seems like everybody’s got a YouTube channel these days, and if they don’t they should! Millions of people spend hours a day watching online videos, but advertisers still waste most of their money on TV? Doesn’t make sense to me. I never watch the actual TV box now that I can see pretty much any TV show online for free — at my convenience.

 What’s that have to do with this post? Nothing really, just ranting. I ran across the Ford Models YouTube channel today. Kinda boring actually, but some of the models are really hot. Like the video of Tara Stiles doing Yoga or the Butt Workout with Kim Strother. There are over 400 videos posted on this channel.

So, if you’re a surfer, check out the channel. If you are a modeling agency, model, or other business in the business of hot chicks, get them on YouTube so we can see them!

Ford Models YouTube Channel

 Ford Models YouTube Channel

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The Queen says Merry Christmas

Queen Elizabeth of England has opened a YouTube channel to post the Royal video archive of the UK. Today they have the Queen’s 1957 Christmas speech posted, which she talks about, well, I don’t really know what she’s talking about. Canada, the world changing, or something. On Christmas day (tomorrow), at 3pm GMT, you’ll be able to watch her 2007 speech to her humble people. All I can say is, why is there still a queen in that country? Does anyone living there care? I guess being American, I don’t really have much respect for England. Our Empire is much better lol.

visit The Royal Channel

watch a funny video, YouTube is My Life

or a good homemade music video, It Will be OK

the royal channel

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YouTube Bubble Navigation

I just ran across this bubble type navigation in YouTube and I don’t know what its called. I can’t find it in the YouTube Help pages but its pretty cool. This new navigation allows you to discover videos visually through their relationship with other videos. To use this navigation, click the fullscreen button (bottom right button in video player) and then click the triangle tree button in the fullscreen player (bottom left next to play button). A bunch of bubbles will appear on the screen with the video you are watching in the center. Rolling your mouse around the screen allows you to explore the entire YouTube video library visually. Hours of viewing pleasure without going back to the main site! Its hard to see from the screenshot but my example is a bunch of kittens playing in a tissue box. Click below to watch it.

kittens in a tissue box

youtube bubble navigation

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