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Reality of Jericho

nuclear explosion

I’ve been watching the TV show Jericho for free on CBS Innertube. The story line is that several US cities were destroyed by hydrogen suitcase bombs planted by terrorists. Jericho is a small town outside of Denver trying to cope with this disaster and the degrading state of the country. Homeland Security is featured in the show, and they do as terrible a job as you would expect.

 So, it got me thinking, what is the actual plan if this happens?

First, Homeland Security wants you to be prepared. They’ve created a preparedness website to help you plan for a disaster. It includes helpful tips on preparing your family, even for everyday things like fires, floods, and power outtages.

The Pentagon’s plan is to prevent an attack by nuking any foreign hostiles before they can attack the US. This of course wouldn’t prevent the attack shown in Jericho (or a 9/11 type attack either), since the weapons used in the show were smuggled into the US and triggered locally (and by the way, Bush already has a plan to nuke Iran). A domestic prevention is unlikely, since a majority of US military & federal resources are scooping up oil the Middle East. Also, considering how many Mexicans I saw in California last month, I’d say our borders are anything by secure. 

If or when our infrastructure is destroyed by a disaster, things will fall apart rapidly. I think there won’t be any plan that will effectively work because people go crazy and get primitive when faced with a traumatic experience. Just look at what happened in New Orleans. Not to mention all the crime and corruption that happened AFTER the goverment responded. 

What are we supposed to do? Build bunkers & collect an arsenal?

The best resource I’ve found for preparing yourself for any disaster, including airplane hijackings, armed robbery, or a nuclear attack is Secrets of Survival. If you are paranoid or just like to be prepared, that site will give you all the insights and info you need to know.

Beyond that, be good to your neighbors (including the foreign ones) so this doesn’t happen!


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NBC online is sweet

Just ran across the new NBC website. They have free episodes of every show on the NBC network. The shows only go back 2 weeks (at most), and they have commercials where the commercials normally go, but still, its FREE!! Heck of a lot better than buying episodes off iTunes, which was a big news deal a few months back when NBC pulled their shows from the iTunes Store.

I haven’t quite figured out how to rip the shows to my ipod so I can watch them while I’m running, but I’m working on it. I’m thinking maybe rip the screen with SnagIt and render it with Windows Movie Maker, although that seems like a lot of work. Maybe some hack in Russia will do it for me for $3 an hour (message me if interested lol).

Now all NBC has to do is start shooting a few more entertaining shows and this could be the best thing since YouTube.

watch free episodes on NBC

las vegas on
screenshot of Las Vegas on

After watching episodes on the site daily for about a week, I have some observations:

  1. Use Internet Explorer. Lots of problems with Firefox, like bad buffering, freezes when put into fullscreen mode, and if you pause a video to watch later, it just repeats the same scene over and over again when you come back to it.
  2. This one is for the NBC ad staff – Flash ads should be small in file size. The commercial breaks are only 30 seconds (nice feature!), so some of the ads take 20 seconds or more to load. One example I saw was an interractive Nissan ad. By the time it loaded, there wasn’t any time to interract with the rollover info boxes places all over the vehicle. Looked like great graphics, but totally ineffective.
  3. Some shows only have the latest few episodes, so watch them while you can (for free that is).

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