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YouTube Bubble Navigation

I just ran across this bubble type navigation in YouTube and I don’t know what its called. I can’t find it in the YouTube Help pages but its pretty cool. This new navigation allows you to discover videos visually through their relationship with other videos. To use this navigation, click the fullscreen button (bottom right button in video player) and then click the triangle tree button in the fullscreen player (bottom left next to play button). A bunch of bubbles will appear on the screen with the video you are watching in the center. Rolling your mouse around the screen allows you to explore the entire YouTube video library visually. Hours of viewing pleasure without going back to the main site! Its hard to see from the screenshot but my example is a bunch of kittens playing in a tissue box. Click below to watch it.

kittens in a tissue box

youtube bubble navigation


December 14, 2007 Posted by | Tech Support, YouTube | , , | 2 Comments