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The Queen says Merry Christmas

Queen Elizabeth of England has opened a YouTube channel to post the Royal video archive of the UK. Today they have the Queen’s 1957 Christmas speech posted, which she talks about, well, I don’t really know what she’s talking about. Canada, the world changing, or something. On Christmas day (tomorrow), at 3pm GMT, you’ll be able to watch her 2007 speech to her humble people. All I can say is, why is there still a queen in that country? Does anyone living there care? I guess being American, I don’t really have much respect for England. Our Empire is much better lol.

visit The Royal Channel

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the royal channel


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Britney – I want a piece of you

I always liked Britney Spears. Sexy and a good singer. The paparazzi of course can’t get enough of her. They criticize her every move, like their lives are so much better. Which member of the media hasn’t had a few benders? The girl has a plan, and my guess (since she’s smart and rich) is that her plan was to stay in the media’s lenses while she popped out a couple babies and recorded another album. No one at that level makes stupid mistakes. Even Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton make moves to keep their media presence high.

It seems Britney does know what she’s doing. Her new record Blackout, with hit singles Piece of Me & Gimme More, had huge first month sales (I thought everyone hated her? lol) and peaked at #2 on the Billboard album charts. Good job Britney.

Billboard discography/review of Britney Spears Blackout

Britney Spears – Billboard Singles Chart History

Britney Spears – Billboard Album Chart History

Go watch “Piece of Me” video at YouTube

Official Britney Spears website

britney spears blackout

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