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thailand countrysideSo I’m settled in Thailand.

Beautiful country with the nicest people I’ve met anywhere on Earth. Its a very peaceful country with great weather and its ridiculously affordable too. I’ve been here 2 months and I estimate it costs roughly 15-20% of what it costs in LA or DC (my last 2 residences) to live here. Dinner for the wife and I usually costs $2 US and our 4 bedroom townhouse costs us $100 US a month to rent.

Anyways, enough about Thailand. Its time to get back to work on this blog! I’ve been spending a lot of my time writing on my stock market Blog – Penny Stalker – since the world economy is in upheaval. There are tons and tons of affordable stocks right now, so working on my portfolio has been nearly a full time job.

This post, albeit a short one, because I have to catch up on my real work of webmastering a couple dozen sites, is about a great new Web 2.0 software I ran across. The name is Dolphin. Its free and chock full of features including video sharing, blogging, user profiles, commenting, classifieds, etc. It even has its own chat system for instant messages.

The reason I mention it here is because Dolphin allows you to own your very own video sharing community. I’ve been working on two installs for clients over the last month. The technical process of installation is pretty complex, but managing the site is easy.

If you’d like me to install a copy for you, hit me up on my website –


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